Can you start working offshore oil and gas without experience?

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Many times I have been asked, or I have seen the question -can you start working offshore without experience?

Well, the simple answer to this one is easy. Of course, you can start an offshore job without experience, after all, no one Is born on his workplace-right? Although that you can start your offshore career without experience, this won’t be that easy, and you will need certain skills for the job.

First of all, we need to mention that working offshore isn’t for everyone. Before you make a step to your career at sea you need to be sure that this life is for you, and you can handle it. If you aren’t too sure what is like to be an offshore worker, this article HERE can give you some basic information about that.

Now after you are sure with your choice, we are going to have a quick look at some ways to get a job in the offshore industry. We also need to mark that the offshore industry is huge, and it includes very different work environments. It can be offshore oil and gas, offshore wind farming, offshore shipping, offshore subsea, and a lot more. The ways of getting a job for a specific niche in the offshore industry may vary. Here we are going to have a look at how can you get a job in the offshore oil and gas industry.

You need to know about that business is that is very dependent on the oil price. In other words, if the oil price is high, there are a lot of offshore oil and gas projects. If the price is low that means that most probably there isn’t much ongoing. This is very important about your potential success on finding a job in the oil and gas. If the price is too low, then you better focus on other offshore sectors, because the chances that you get hired with zero experience are almost none.

Entering positions

Even that you can start working offshore with zero offshore experience you need to have certain job skills. No one is going to hire you, because of your eyes or because you are your mother’s favorite.

Offshore painter

As an easy-to-start job position in the oilfield offshore we can point offshore painter. There are a lot of platform at sea, which are all made of metal, that is exposed to corrosion 24/7. This means plenty of jobs for industrial painters. On that job, you can get hired easily with little or even no experience at all.

 The best option will be if you get a job as an industrial painter on land, for a year or so, so you can get some experience in the job, and then to look for a position offshore.

One of the relatively easy ways is to find a job as a no-experience painter in a shipyard and get the necessary know-how on the job there. Normally is not hard to get a job there, most of the shipyards are not very picky on a labor force, and as the job, there isn’t quite an easy money, many of the workers aren’t staying for long.

Industrial painters with shipyard experience are highly valued in the offshore oil and gas sector. The reason for that is that roots are very similar. At the shipyard, you are going to grit blast and paint the same metal parts that you are going to find offshore.

Most probably you’re going to ask, then why would you change the job at the shipyard for the job on an offshore platform. Very simple-for the money, offshore you are going to take double triple the money that you get onshore.

Now as this at the most times is an entry position for the offshore oil and gas sector, and as we said you can be employed with no experience at all. But in order for this to happen, you will need a really high oil price and a proper offshore boom. In times like this companies are hiring even persons without experience.

(Jackup drilling rig)Image


If you are fit and have experience on land building sites, this is an easy to get job as well.

Riggers are well needed in the offshore sector. Experience with rigging and slinging will give you the advantage that you need to get the job. As riggers are needed for offshore construction projects and offshore demolition projects the demand for such personnel is high.

At best some experience with lifting operations at a port or at the shipyard will help you and will boost your chance to get hired as an offshore rigger.

Do not worry if you are living far from the sea and the options above are hard to accomplish. Any big factory or construction site can give you the basic knowledge and experience for the job.

Basic courses

In order to work in offshore oil and gas, you will need to acquire some certificates that are mandatory.

As most of the platform personnel are transported by helicopters, they need to have the BOSIET course. This is an easy course which will take you 3 days to be completed. You just need to find the nearest place to you for it, as not every country has certified centers for it.

Offshore oil and gas medical check is a medical examination that is required for the sector. This is just a regular medical exam, but again it has to be done by a certified doctor.

Also depending on that, where the platforms are, there might be additional requirements for the offshore workers.

In a conclusion, we can easily say that is possible to get a job in the offshore oil and gas field, but like everything in life, it depends on circumstances.

If you decide to enter the offshore industry in favorable times, it is quite possible to find a company or a manning agency that will easily hire you and will pay for the required courses.


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