PowerX has begun construction of an unmanned tanker to transport electricity

By Administrator on Jan 15 in Offshore Technologies, Offshore Wind Farm Industry.

The Japanese company RoverX has started the construction of the first power transmission ship for electricity from wind power plants. A similar fleet will support the construction of new electrical and power centers. In this way, it will not be necessary to install submarine cables to the shore and it will not matter how far these offshore wind parks are located. In addition, the company provides an opportunity to create a new business for the international trade with renewable energy.

PowerX intends to build several similar ships at a time, which will be used for electricity transmission. The first one will be the Power ARK 100 marine – with a length of about 100 meters, powered by electric motors and which with one charge can sail as much as 300 kilometers. PowerX intends to provide it not only with electric engines but also with DBG engine with biofuels, which will be used during the long trips.

Power ARK 100 will have up to 100 battery-powered units with a total capacity of up to 220 megawatts. The company states that this energy will be enough for 22,000 Japanese households on the condition that it would be delivered once a day. The use of the ship should start in 2025.


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